Having added two new bulls in 2016 we are changing direction in our genetic makeup.  We have kept 25 cows from Mr. Poco Bueno Chex and 20 cows from Kong.  PBC gave us the conformation we wanted in our herd and Kong provided the color. We have deliberately tried to hoard our bull offspring to be able to offer a unique bloodline specific to our ranch.  No semen was sold from our bulls and very few offspring were offered to the public, to give us this signature line. Our goal was to breed our way in to quality.  

 Now we will cross Winnie on those daughters to stretch the horn and continue the Gunman/Cowboy Chex influence, along with the maternal Tabasco Lezawe line.  Going forward our quality of animal should be more predictable, as we spent the time (ten years) to develop a sound foundation, with the goal of trying to improve our herd as a whole.  As breeders we need a strategy to move our herd forward.  The industry has advanced at an amazing pace, staying relevant is an ongoing endeavor.  We hope to be able to offer a higher quality of animal in the coming years.